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Retouching Info

Reproductions has always been dedicated to the quality of our work.

We strongly feel that your images need to look their best and that is why Reproductions proudly offers to our clients our professional retouching services.

Retouching Topics:

•Retouching pricing

•Retouching via the internet

Retouching Pricing
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Reproductions retouching rates are based on the time it takes to do the work that you require. Our experienced retouchers work efficiently and the majority of our requests constitute "light retouching".

Reproductions offers special retouching rates for our clients who after completing their retouching, immediately continue by placing a quantity order with those same images. We also extend the same discount to those clients who need images solely for online usage. Only lo-resolution files are prepared and released. The preparation and burning of a CD is an additional $12.50.

All requests for retouching require a $27.50 per image deposit, which is the minimum fee we charge for our services. If your request remains in the light category with an adjoining order, your retouching will be paid in full. Additional fees for more involved retouching will be billed at a later date.


Special Retouching Rates
with Quanity Orders

Release of Lo-Res
Web File

Retouching only
with release of
Hi-Resolution Files
a Single Print

Light Retouching
10 minutes or less
$27.50 $57.50
Regular Retouching
10-20 minutes
$42.50 $72.50
Heavy Retouching
over 20 minutes
$52.50 and up* $82.50 and up*

*More extensive retouching and revisions may incur extra charges.

Clients opting for our retouching services only and requiring hi-resolution files and /or single prints will be billed the regular competitive rates as listed to the above right. Quantity orders placed within 10 business days of the initial retouching will receive a credit of the monetary difference between the two rates listed above.

Retouching via the internet (Back to top)

Our clients can easily arrange for retouching over the Internet. You can request your retouching through our online ordering system. Prior to conducting the work we will contact you with a final quote. Only after you approve the quote do we proceed with your retouching. Once the retouching has been completed we will send you an email with a link that will allow you to examine that retouched image. This gives you the opportunity to request any changes or additional work. Once you approve your retouching you will be ready to proceed with your order.