Reproductions is thrilled to partner with Actors Connection and recommend this exciting class to our clients:


4 Week ON-CAMERA Class
Starts: Next class starts Thursday, December 1st at 7pm

Location: New York, NY

● Tisha Ioli, Independent Casting Director
● Michael Cerisano, Filmmaker

If you're pursuing Film and TV, it's imperative that you have either a film/TV demo or clips of your work to show agents and casting directors. Also, you need a demo or clips of your work if you're submitting on websites like Actors Access. If you don't have them, your competition is getting placed above you, and you're probably not even being looked at by casting directors.

One of the best ways to gain experience, receive resume credit and obtain material for your demo is to do student and indie films. However, sometimes getting your materials back from these projects is almost impossible, and often when you do get it back, the quality is so bad you can't use it.

So what do you do?

In this four-week class, you'll have the opportunity to work on set and acquire usable footage to help develop and showcase your on-camera demo reel. Tisha will cast and work with you on two contrasting short film/TV scenes that'll be shot on location with in-house filmmaker and editor Michael Cerisano.

In the first class, you'll meet and audition for the team and you'll be cast in two scenes. Scenes and partners will be determined according to each actors needs. In your next two classes, you'll work to perfect both scenes with Tisha. Your final class will be spent shooting on location with Michael. Within two weeks of completing your film shoots, you'll receive your fully edited material to post on your website or add to your current demo reel.

This class is also PERFECT for those actors who've already been compiling material for a film/TV demo, but are missing certain types of roles. Actors can bring in scene ideas for this class. Actors may register as pairs to take this class as well.

Similar programs in LA and NY run $2,000-$3,000 and up!

Limited to 10 actors.

Tisha Ioli has been a freelance casting director, teacher and coach for over 25 years. A former actor, Tisha casts for numerous high profile NY offices, including Don Case Casting, Donna Deseta Casting, Kipperman Casting, Strickman-Ripps and Jennifer Ajemian Casting. Recent commercial projects include: Minolta, Staples, Chillis, Smile Train, Eukanuba, Pepsi, Bank of America and Ikea. Most recently she assisted on casting the indie films RAPID EYE MOVEMENT and THE ATLANTIC MOTEL. As a private coach, she has had the pleasure of working with her clients on commercials, monologues and scene work.

Michael Cerisano is a filmmaker, director and photographer. A Rutgers graduate, he's filmed and edited numerous short films, documentaries, music videos and indie features. His documentary CARBON COPY won Best Documentary at The Mason Gross School of the Arts. His work with Broadway Audio and Lighting led him to work on a variety of Broadway shows, including the Tony Award-winning HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, WICKED, DISGRACED, ROCK OF AGES and ALADDIN to name a few.


"Do it, people! Fun class! Good times! Thanks for an awesome class with fabulous results!"
-Jennifer S.

"I had such an incredibly positive experience working with both Tisha and Mike! This is a great investment, and I've already recommended this course to friends."

"I am very thankful for the demo class. I had no video footage up until now. Mike did an excellent job at piecing together all my best moments and creating awesome footage for me to use on my website. I have since signed with my first manager!"
-Nikki D.

"I found this class to be really helpful and was very impressed by Tisha and Mike's commitment to the class. The two of them really go above and beyond!"
-Jared M.

"I really enjoyed the demo class! My website is up and running and feels complete because of my new clips and demo and just helped me to start freelancing with a personal manager!"
-Kenan W.

"After taking the demo class, I have a fantastic reel with solid material, strong scene partners and excellent lighting. If you need a reel, or need to update your reel, I highly recommend this class."
-James F.

"The demo class is the best out there. It's truly worth every penny. Everything is shot on location, which separates this class from other demo classes and makes it that much better! The demo reel helped me get a manager, which is great, thank you."
-Elora V.

"These days, a demo reel is as essential as a headshot. The whole collaborative experience was amazing and educational, and I've already gotten auditions because of my reel. I highly recommend this class!"
-Sherry L.

"This class was a great experience! I already booked a music video, and an audition for a web project. I had been submitting without a reel for several months and getting nowhere. Now I am getting responses and generating interest. The quality of the production was excellent! I was really impressed with the final edited scenes."
-Tim M.

"I needed a demo reel and got that and more. At the end of the five weeks, not only did I get a reel, but I got some valuable tools that have helped and will continue to help me in my career."
-Shakirah D.

"The demo class was probably one of the most important things I could have ever done for myself. Not only did I get fantastic footage and first rate production value scenes/clips, I'm getting lots of positive responses from casting directors, agents and managers. Headshot and resume isn't enough anymore, you have to have a reel."
-Eddie J.

"Your class, from start to finished scenes, was a wonderful experience for me. You guys are doing great things with this reel class!"
-Jake L. 

"I just wanted to express how grateful I am for having taken the demo class. The scenes were perfect roles for me, and I added them to my reel right away! I even was able to take it to LA Connection with me, having an agent take a look. Thank you again!"
-Anna L.

"I really enjoyed the class. It was a very valuable experience. I've also been getting seen by a lot more of casting directors because of my videos. In fact, I booked a principal role in HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA directly."
-Robert E.