Pricing and Ordering

1. What's the turnaround time for printing my 8x10s, postcards, etc.? How about retouching?

Once we receive your order, a color proof is available for approval the next business day. Pending your approval, the completed order is available the next business afternoon. Orders submitted after 5PM EST will be considered part of the next business day. Faster service is available at an additional cost. Please contact customer service at 646-502-3700 to request expedited service.

Retouching adds additional days. Rush services are also available for retouching.

2. Can I split my order with more than one image?

Common Example: I want to print 100 8x10s of one image and 100 8x10s of a different image. Can I send or request two images and split an order of 200 8x10s to get 100 of each?

No, due to separate color and layout considerations for each order item, we do not split quantities. Costs on our price list are for quantities of a single 8x10 image, postcard or business card. For the example above, you would create one order of 100 8x10s per image.

3. Why do you need full payment up front?

Shortly after you submit your order to us, we begin the work, which allocates both labor and materials. In addition, with test prints due the following business day and quantity due the following day after that, the turnaround time is very fast. Due to both of these factors, we require full payment at the time you place your order. Reproductions, as always, stands behind the quality of our work and will do our best to address any concerns you may have.

4. Why is there a cancellation fee?

A required cancellation fee of $25 is charged because the image goes through a number of steps before you actually see a proof. New orders go to the color specialist to have the color correction done for our printing process. A layout artist will then create the layout you requested for your headshot. Finally, your order goes to the printer for a copy, making sure that all the information is correct and that the color is accurate. Subsequently, and in most cases, your order will need to be further color-corrected to meet our standards of quality. All these steps are included as part of the printing service of a quantity order.

However, should you decide to cancel your order at the time of your test or use a different image after viewing your test, we must bill you for the work that has already been completed. Should that occur, we would credit back the difference of what you've already paid minus the cancellation fee if you cancel your order, or just charge you the cancellation fee if you change the image.

5. What's the $15.00 additional image fee?

The additional image fee refers to adding other images to your postcard or 8x10 layout. As an example, you may wish to have two or more photos printed on a postcard. $15.00 is charged for each additional image added to a layout.

6. If I'm an existing client with a new image, will my current order be considered a new order or a reorder?

A reorder is defined as an item (i.e. headshot, postcard, business card, etc.) that you've ordered in the past and now need additional quantities without changes. If it is a new image that you're working with, it will be considered a new order. If you want to use an image we have on file as a different item from what you had ordered in the past, it will also be considered a new order.

7. How long do you keep my photos on file for my future reorders?

All print order images and layouts are archived for three years. Just call us to reorder, and we'll have your order ready for pickup the next business morning.

8. Do you offer online proofing of my photo shoot? If so, what is the cost?

Yes, we offer online proofing for your photo shoot to be viewed on a web browser, smart phone or tablet for $15.00 for an initial period of three months. After the three-month period, your online proof session can be extended for an additional period of three months, six months or one year. The extension cost is $27.50 for three months, $35.00 for six months or $44.50 for one year.

9. Can I order retouching and/or prints directly from my online proof session?

Yes, by clicking the Online Ordering button and placing your order with ease. However, using our online ordering system at is more robust and allows us to communicate your order status and completion more efficiently. You will need to make a note of which image number(s) you need to order and on the page where it asks you to upload your image you check the box that says "Yes, Reproductions already has my image." Please put your photographer's name and image number you want to order in the respective fields.

Layout and Imaging Specifications

While we offer endless layout possibilities, the most typical layout has a white border around the image with a black key line and name in the border, usually to the left or right side. Our font card displays our most popular fonts. The most popular of these fonts are: Avant Garde, Bembo, Bauer Bodoni Italic, Palatino and Trajan.

11. What size digital file do I need to send or bring in to you?

We'll need a high-resolution (300 dpi) file in .jpg or .tif format in RGB color space. For 8x10s printed with a border, the minimum dimension required is 6" x 9" (1800 pixels x 2700 pixels). For borderless 8x10s, the minimum size is 8" x 10" (2400 pixels x 3000 pixels). Low-resolution files used on internet casting sites are not suitable for printing. Our Online Ordering system during the “Upload Phase” will indicate whether your file meets these specs.

12. I'm laying out and preparing the digital files myself for you to print. What specifications do you need?

We'll need a high-resolution (300 dpi) file in .jpg or .tif format in RGB color space. We can also use un-flattened Photoshop files with layers. For 8x10s, the file should be sized at the 8" x 10" dimension. For postcards, our standard size is 4.25" x 6" and for business cards, the standard size is 2" x 3.5". For postcards and business cards with a colored border (not white) or image(s) that bleed to the edge, we require .0625" (1/16") bleed on all four sides.

If you're using our online ordering mechanism, please leave the default settings on the Customize Your Layout page. Two pages later (We're Almost Finished page), please indicate you've provided your own layout.

13. Do I need to crop my image in order to have a borderless 8x10?

Yes and no. A crop will need to be made to your image if you want to have a borderless 8x10. The proportions of a typical headshot are more rectangular while an 8x10 paper is more square. In order to fit the proportions of the paper, one dimension will exceed the length of the paper, and therefore, we usually have to crop from top and/or bottom for a vertical image and from the sides for a horizontal image. Yes, Reproductions will, at your request, make a logical crop of your image. No, your order will not be completed until you view and approve a proof.

Proof prints and Retouching

14. Do I need to see a proof before you print my order?

Yes, although not required, it's strongly recommended that you view an approval proof before we print your order. This is to ensure the layout and type is correct along with the color balance. It's especially important when viewing the results of retouching done on your photo. Multiple revisions may incur additional layout fees. If you opt not to see a test print and notice something after your quantity has been printed, Reproductions will not be responsible for the color representation and cosmetic quality of your work if a test is not viewed and approved. If you're not satisfied and would like the job redone, all charges would be at your own cost.

15. Do I need to see an 8x10 proof in person or can you email it to me?

The color proof we print is an exact copy of what you will be receiving for your multiple copy order. Due to variations of computer monitors, an emailed image viewed on your home computer may not accurately render the color the same as the 8x10 proof. It has also been our experience that people see details in the 8x10 proof that they miss when viewing them on a computer screen. This is especially important when viewing the results of retouching on your photo. Emailed proofs can be useful only for viewing layout changes when the photo itself is not altered and has already been approved by viewing a proof print. Multiple revisions may incur additional layout fees.

16. What's the difference between light, medium and heavy retouching on your price list?

Our retouching is priced according to the complexity and time required for retouching each image. All retouching fees are quoted per image in consultation with one of our customer service representatives who will advise you as to the cost based on your requirements.

17. Does the retouching fee include a CD of my retouched photos?

No. Retouching includes both a 300 dpi high-resolution printable file and a 72 dpi low-resolution web file per image. The files will be emailed to you when your order is complete.

You may purchase a CD of your retouched photos for an additional $12.50.

18. How long do you keep my completed order if I don't come in to pick it up right away?

Reproductions holds on to your order for a long time, but is not responsible for orders that haven't been picked up after 6 months of its completion date. Periodically, we clear our shelves and discard orders that have been left with us for long periods of time. It is each client's responsibility to pick up their order in a timely fashion. Reproductions isn't obligated to contact clients to remind them that their orders are still on our shelf or to inform them if their orders are about to be discarded. No refunds will be issued nor will we rerun any order that has been discarded.

Regular vs. Heavy

19. What is the difference between Master Photo Regular and Master Photo Heavy photographic prints?

Exclusive to Reproductions, Master Photo Heavy photographic prints are printed on a thicker, more rigid photo paper stock enabling you to print a resume directly on the reverse side with most inkjet printers. Our Master Photo Regular photographic prints offer identical photo imaging quality on a lighter weight paper with a non-printable reverse side at slightly less cost. You may choose either for 8x10 prints. All of our postcards and business cards are printed on the Master Photo Heavy paper.


20. How does the partnership with Actors Connection work for the Demo Development Class?

By registering for the Demo Development Class, an account will be created for you at our partner, Actors Connection. By registering for the class, you are agreeing to their policies and terms as well.

This class is open to both Actors Connection and Reproductions' networks. Both companies collaborate to secure guests (casting directors and industry professionals) and Reproductions provides the film crew and post-production team for filming.

We utilize the Actors Connection account and class platform to gather headshot, resume and contact information to provide accurate breakdowns to the industry guest in preparation for the class.

21. What are the payment and cancellation policies for the Video Services department?

All refunds are provided in store credit only, to be used towards video services (not exchanged for printing or Actors Connection).

Payments for classes are due at the time of registration. We take American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover in the office and online; cash and check payments ($25 fee for any returned checks) can be made in person at the office.

For the Demo Development Class: If you cancel more than 7 days prior to the start of the class, you are entitled to a full refund in the form of store credit (no cash refunds). Store credit can be used for any video services at Reproductions. You can be moved into a new class for no charge. Cancellations made within 7 days of the class do not guarantee a refund. Any partial or full refund would be considered a professional courtesy and are not guaranteed.

If you are a "no show" for a class, you will not receive credit under any circumstances.

For Scene Production: Cancellations more than 48 hours in advance will receive store credit in the full amount paid. Cancellations less than 48 hours will receive 50% store credit. If you are a "no show" for a filming time, you will not receive credit under any circumstances.

22. Can I purchase now (maybe to take advantage of a sale) and then use my scene or reel credit later?

Your purchase for video services (Scene Production, Demo Reel Editing, Musical Theatre Tapings) is valid for one (1) year from purchase.

For Demo Reels, after your reel is complete, you have one (1) year to make additional versions with changes for $50. After one (1) year, additional versions will be quoted individually for the amount of work necessary.

23. How long do you keep footage on file?

Once your final scene is delivered via Vimeo, it will stay on Vimeo indefinitely. However, we do recommend that you download your video at 1080HD and store a copy on your computer.

Raw footage is deleted one (1) week after the final scene is delivered unless otherwise noted. The client is responsible for any comments or footage requests within one (1) week of scene delivery. Once the client has approved the delivered video, Reproductions reserves the right to delete the raw footage before the one (1) week mark.

24. Who owns the footage?

Reproductions delivers fully-produced scenes and reels; we do not include the raw footage in standard purchases. If you would like to purchase all raw footage from your scene production, musical theatre taping or other filming with Reproductions, there is a $125 fee and you must provide your own harddrive.