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Reproductions is proud to offer professional photo retouching. Rates are based on the time it takes to do the work that you've requested.

Retouching includes both high-resolution printable files and low-resolution web files.

The files will be emailed to you when your order is complete.

Light Retouching
10 minutes or less $30.00

Medium Retouching
10-20 minutes $60.00

Advanced Retouching
20 minutes or more - quote based on request

All requests for retouching require a $30.00 deposit per image.

Virtual Retouching
Our clients can easily arrange for retouching over the web. You can request your retouching through our online ordering system. Prior to conducting the work, we'll contact you with a quote. Only after you approve the quote do we proceed with your retouching order. Once the retouching has been completed, we'll send you an email with a link that'll allow you to review the retouched image. This provides you with the opportunity to request any changes or additional work. Once you approve your retouching, you'll be able to proceed with your order.

Retouching Timeline & Procedure

-We'll contact you with a quote if what you're requesting is higher than your $30.00 retouching deposit. 

-Only after you approve the quote do we proceed with your retouching order. 

-You'll receive an email with a link that'll allow you to examine your retouched image(s). 

-Once you approve your retouching, we'll proceed with your reproduction order.  

Please allow an additional 2+ business days for your retouching to be completed
If you want to rush your retouching (rush fees may apply) order, please contact us at 646-502-3700.

Please note that additional requests or changes can result in additional time needed for completion of retouching.

What's the advantage of retouching with us in person?

Many of our clients who are located in the New York Metropolitan area, schedule an appointment with our NY office, where retouching is performed during their actual visit. This simplifies the process and assures you a "hands on" experience.

In addition, by retouching with us in our office, you'll view a version of the print and therefore have the option of bypassing the "test print" stage of the ordering process. Your order will then be completed the following business day.

If you're interested in scheduling your retouching in person, please make sure to note this while using our online ordering system. A customer service representative will then contact you to schedule your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that we allocate a retoucher's time when scheduling appointments. As mentioned above, for each image where retouching is requested, there is a $30.00 deposit. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we ask that you contact us 24 hours prior to your appointment.

When scheduling an appointment, you'll be providing us with your file. This authorizes us to prep and print the images for your retouching appointment.