You're the director — we are your film crew! You are responsible for the sides, partner and location of your choice and Reproductions videographers and editors take care of all of the technical and production aspects to produce new high-quality, cinematic footage. This is a great way to begin or augment your reel or clips for casting directors, agents and managers. Add-ons are available for location scouting and rental, hiring a partner actor, receiving coaching prior to our shoot, and finding/tailoring scripts to your needs (scroll to bottom). We can be as hands-off or hands-on as you desire!  Check out samples scenes on our Vimeo Page!


All scene production work includes full post-production with color grading, background music/audio if desired.
Scenes are delivered via Vimeo with HD download capability with a 5-day turn around...or less!


  • 60 sec or less (1 pg) with an off-camera partner
  • 1 camera angle, over the shoulder
  • bring your own partner & material
  • aim for 80/20 dialogue so the focus is on you
  • 1 hour on location
  • select your final take on set for post-production
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  • appx. 2 min (2-3 pgs) partner scene
  • multiple camera angles with reverse shot coverage of both actors (50/50 or however you direct the coverage)
  • bring your own partner & material
  • 2 hours on location
  • includes 1 round of revisions (additional drafts $50 ea)
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On Express Days, we provide the scene theme, location and partner (for a focus scene), with appropriate sides as recommendations. You just have to come prepared! Get your fully produced footage back in 5 business days or less.

Please note: Discounts may not be used on Express Days since they are already discounted.

Partner Scene - $525  ($262.50 each)   more info...

Focus Scene - $225 - more info...

Partner Scene - $525  ($262.50 each)   more info...



Script Finding

We have a large selection of previously aired film/tv scripts as well as pilots and some original material.  We are happy to find material that fits you based on the type you describe. Starts at $25 for script finding only; Original material starts at $100/scene.

Free Recommendations:
Simply Scripts
TV Writing
Beverly Hills Playhouse


Location Scouting

Locations can make or break the scene - every detail is important! We have a number of location/venue relationships and can also find and book locations for you. Rental fees vary dependent on the location. 

Rental Recommendations:
Breather Code: 7DRLA6
for $45 off your first booking!


Hire a Partner Actor 

Give us a full description of your ideal partner. We will book the appropriate partner for filming. We only hire partners who we have worked with and can vouch for. Rates vary - starts at $50 for Focus Scenes; $100 for Partner Scenes.

April 17 Film-TV Demo Class_69_2web.jpg

Pre-shoot Coaching

If you're interested in working with a casting director or industry professional to select and/or rehearse material, let us know and we'll connect you to the best resources. Rates start at $95/30 min. and include studio space rental for rehearsal.

Cancellation policy:  
No refunds. Store credit for video services only.  
Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time will only receive a 50% refund in store credit. 
No show, no refund.

Questions? Contact Claire, Director of Video Services
646.502-3726 or

How long do you keep footage on file?  Once your final scene is delivered via Vimeo, it will stay on Vimeo indefinitely. However, we do recommend that you download your video at 1080HD and store a copy on your computer.

Raw footage is deleted one (1) week after the final scene is delivered unless otherwise noted. The client is responsible for any comments or footage requests within one (1) week of scene delivery. Once the client has approved the delivered video, Reproductions reserves the right to delete the raw footage before the one-week mark.  — View more FAQ here