Demo reels and online footage have become an essential part of the casting process, especially for film and TV.  It's time to present yourself beyond a headshot and resume.

From a demo reel, a casting director wants to know 3 things: 

•  What do you look like on camera?   •  What do you sound like?   •  Is the raw talent there?


So how can we help?

I have existing footage

  • on my computer

  • on YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu, etc.

  • on DVDs I can’t use with my laptop anymore

  • that's not in my reel

We have a streamlined system to gather your footage, headshot and your special instructions to produce an impressive reel that highlights your best moments with a fast turnaround!

I need new footage, because

  • I’m early in my career

  • my stuff is outdated

  • I don’t have enough for an actual demo reel

  • I’m missing content for a specific type

In partnership with Actors Connection, we offer Film/TV Demo Classes with a casting director and plus on set filming with a professional filmmaker to develop new scenes for your demo reel. Or, if you have content ready to put on film, we'll produce high-quality cinematic footage for you.

But I'm a Musical Theatre Actor!

Make yourself stand out with digital demo videos of your best audition songs! Take your 32 bars outside of the audition room and online where you can submit a professional audition clip to casting directors, agents and managers.  Filming available a la carte and through our Musical Theatre Demo Class with an agent or casting director and accompanist.